“Ultimately, we were most impressed by Carol, whose professionalism has flowed through to every aspect of our process. Carol brings vast pet industry knowledge and networking, and there is no doubt that a level of premium valuation was achieved.”
— Jen Melton and Brennan Johnson, Founders
Cloud Star Corporation

“I have worked with Carol Frank in a variety of capacities over the last few years. Her M&A experience and knowledge of the pet industry in unprecedented, and resulted in several successful transactions. I would not hesitate to recommend her if you are considering buying, selling, or recapitalizing your pet company.”

— David Levy
Zeus and Company

“Carol Frank was instrumental in helping W. F. Young in developing a focused acquisition search in both the equine and canine product categories. We’d done an effective job in the past on acquiring brands. However, we needed someone with a higher level of experience and knowledge of the canine industry who could take us levels beyond where we were. Carol had the talent, experience level, and ability to further propel W. F. Young forward in its strategic direction. Carol and her associates were very effective in providing the resources to lead and support our acquisition search. She is a pleasure to work with, and assimilated within our acquisition team seamlessly. In no time at all, she became a valued member of the W. Y. Young team.”
— Adam D. Raczkowski, President/COO
W. F. Young, Inc.

“Carol Frank approached me about an opportunity to acquire Zeus & Company, believing it was a good fit for our Company. We engaged her on a buy-side assignment and she made the introduction, provided credibility for us and was instrumental in negotiations and guiding us to close. We would have not done this acquisition without Carol.”
— Jim Alden, CFO
Pet Food Experts

“I had the pleasure of working with Carol on a search for a VP of Marketing. She understood the requirements and was quickly able to source qualified candidates. She is very professional and we partnered very successfully in finding a great candidate for our organization. I would use Carol’s services again when the need arises.”
— Carol Goldsmith, Director of Human Resources
Jarden Consumer Solutions

“I am extremely happy with how the sale of Pet Professionals Choice was executed. Carol Frank was a delight to work with. She is professional, very responsive, and has intimate knowledge of the pet industry. I simply would not have had as successful of an outcome were it not for Carol. I highly recommend her.”
— Brian Frohne, Owner
Pet Professionals Choice (a Florida distributor acquired by Pet Food Limited)

“Carol, I am very pleased that you were involved with the PPC and PFL arrangement. You were a tremendous help to bring many different opinions to closure. Thanks again for your experience, personality and fortitude to help us finalize this deal.”
— Bern Levine, CEO
Pet Food Limited

“Carol’s business prowess and experience in her field is second only to her enthusiasm, charm, and rock solid integrity. It has been a pleasure working with, and getting to know Carol. I would highly recommend her as a business partner, and a new friend. Thank you for all you have done!”
— Scott Harris, CEO
Apriori Systems and ipetcompanion.com

“Simply put, my product would not have been licensed without Carol Frank. Carol has the passion, skills, experience, and connections to make it happen. When Carol talks, people listen.”
— Elia Martinez, Inventor
The Percher (licensed by Caitec)

“In the 35 years I have been in the mergers and acquisitions field, I have seen very few deals negotiated more successfully than when Carol sold her business. I attribute that success to her market knowledge, her financial background, and her ability to clearly and concisely communicate the value of the potential acquisition.”
— David W. Hammer, Attorney
D.W. Hammer and Co, Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist

“Her interpersonal skills did volumes for our sales. With over 20 years’ experience in the pet business, she brings such an in-depth knowledge of both pets and key contacts in the pet industry.”
— Nan and Dave Simon
Nature’s Instinct

“I had the pleasure of interviewing Carol Frank on Inside Business Success. Her passion is strong to help others as she provides wisdom and insight so you can learn from and avoid the costly mistakes others have made. She was a fantastic guest with high energy and great stories and I highly recommend her as a guest for any show.”
— Jan Schleicher
Host, Inside Business Success

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