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July 2017: How to Minimize Income Taxes upon the Sale of your Company

April 2017: An interview with Krista Morgan, CEO of Online Lending Platform P2Bi

February 2017: Trends in Pet Industry M&A: An Insider’s Perspective

January 2017: Interested in Acquiring a Pet Company?  The Top Five Things You Need to Know

November 2016: Cat GPS Tracking:  The Wave of the Future or a Passing Fad?

October 2016: DRIVING UP THE VALUE OF YOUR COMPANY:  The Top Five Value Drivers

August 2016: Looking to Raise Growth Capital? Top 10 Questions Asked by Investors

June 2016: Exit Strategies for Baby Boomer’ Owned Business – Part II

April 2016: Exit Strategies for Baby-Boomer’ Owned Businesses: Part I

February 2016: Pet Industry Outlook 2016: The News Just Keeps Getting Better!

November 2015: 5 Key Elements of a Successful Pet Products Company Sale

October 2015: A “Frank” discussion with Cat Expert Jackson Galaxy: The Journey from Passionate Cat Lover to TV Star and Celebrity Licensor

August 2015: Raising Money through Angel Investors: The Third in a Series on Access to Growth Capital

June 2015: Raising Money through Venture Capital: The Second in a Series on Access to Growth Capital

May 2015: Raising Money through Crowdfunding: The First in a Series on Access to Growth Capital

January 2015: Moving your Pet Company up the Valuation Chain: Steps to get the MOST from a Potential Buyer

November 2014: North America’s Growing Manufacturing Advantage

October 2014:  Anatomy of a Pet M&A Deal

September 2014: How To Command A Virtual Meeting Room (written for PWN)

August 2014: The Difference between Venture Capital and Private Equity

May 2014:  “Made in China” May Be a Thing of the Past

February 2014: Pet Company Valuation: Zuke’s sold for HOW MUCH???

December 2013: An Insider’s View of the Pet Product Distribution Landscape

October 2013: A Crystal Ball into our Economic Future – a morning with Economist Brian Beaulieu – 2.0

September 2013: Top 5 Things NOT To Do When Preparing Your Company For Sale

August 2013: Six Pearls of Sales Wisdom from Guru Jack Daly

July 2013: Personal Energy Management 101

June 2013: The Future of the Pet Industry:  Profiting from our Changing Demographic Trends

May 2013: The Happiness Advantage (written for PWN)

April 2013: 2013 Pet Industry Valuation and Deal Activity

March 2013: The New Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition

February 2013: Pet Industry M&A 2012…and beyond

January 2013: Are You Curious How to Grow your Business in 2013?

January 2013: Leading the Troops into 2013

December 2012: Top 10 Tips for Email Negotiation

December 2012: Three Benefits of an M&A Advisor When Selling or Refinancing Your Business

November 2012: Getting the MOST out of your Insurance Program

November 2012: Keeping Employees Motivated in Tight Times (written for PWN)

October 2012: A Crystal Ball into our Economic Future – a morning with Economist Brian Beaulieu

September 2012: Financial and Life Planning…For Your Pet!

September 2012: Are You an Entrepreneurial Thinker: Genetics or just plain hard work?

September 2011: HOW TO MANAGE PEOPLE…AND ENJOY IT! by Pam Boyd


August 2012: Are Women Entrepreneurs Different From Men? (written for PWN)

August 2012: What do Business Owners Need to Know about Upcoming Tax Changes?

July 2012: Reference Checking: Why It’s Not Optional!

July 2012: Retail Sales Not Setting the World on Fire

June 2012: Practical Advice for Business Owners with No Time to Waste

June 2012: Raising Equity through Crowdfunding: Finally, Another Alternative!

April 2012: A Tool for Encouraging Employees to Act like Owners

April 2012: The Ins and Outs of Pet Product Licensing: Is it for you?

March 2012: Minimizing your Taxes Under a Cloud of Uncertainty

February 2012: Why is Private Equity so interested in the pet industry and is your company a candidate?

February 2012: Will Customers Really Buy this? Ask an Advisory Council!

February 2012: Women Pet Industry Pioneers: Stephanie Volo, CEO of Planet Dog (written for PWN)

January 2012: Back from the Brink: Gaining Inspiration from Apple, Rob Lowe, Avian Adventures, and others

January 2012: Setting SMART Goals for 2012…and beyond

December 2011: What Can I Learn from Steve Jobs?

December 2011: GRASS ROOTS MARKETING: Building Your Brand without Breaking the Bank

November 2011: Creating and Building your Brand without Breaking the Bank

November 2011: Top 5 Things Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Should Never Do

October 2011: ACCESS TO CAPITAL: Where to Find Money to Grow your Business (written for PWN)

October 2011: The Management Action Process A Plan to Make 2012 your best year EVER!

September 2011: The Plague of the Virtual Employee

August 2011: Why Do I Need to Know What My Business is Worth NOW?