Pet Industry Investment Banking
Carol’s experience participating in the sale of four of her own pet companies combined with being a CPA/MBA gives her a one-of-a-kind perspective as a pet industry M&A expert.  Since becoming an Investment Banker in 2009, Carol has participated in over a dozen pet industry M&A transactions.  Please note that Carol does not engage in raising capital for start up or early stage companies.

Licensing your Pet Product Idea
Do you have an innovative, patent-protected (or pending) pet product idea but don’t have the time, expertise, or wherewithal to bring the product to market on your own? Tap into Carol”s extensive network and she will help you find the right licensing partner and negotiate the most favorable terms. Carol teams up with long time pet industry veteran Erin Fenstermaker to provide a best-in-class service to help you achieve your dream of realizing revenue from your unique product idea. Note that your idea must be either already patented or patent-pending for it to be a candidate for licensing.

Private Equity Advisory
Are you a private equity firm trying to evaluate a potential pet company acquisition? Leverage Carol’s significant experience and insight as both an operator and an investment banker to shorten your learning curve and help you determine the viability and value of your investment.

Advisory Board Member
Do you need an ongoing resource to help you grow your pet company? As an advisory board member, Carol can help with questions such as: Where is the best place to sell my product? How do I get it in the hands of the right people? Which distributor is best for me? Should I use a rep firm? What should my margins be? Etc Etc.

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